PKS Consulting, Inc.

Plastic Ocean Waste Solutions

Developing innovative solutions to assess, collect, and utilize plastic ocean waste.


We are developing image collection systems that can be deployed on “Aircraft of Opportunity” that frequent Alaska’s beaches. The data will be processed using machine learning to identify and quantify the amount of marine debris located on the beach, allowing collection efforts to be optimized for maximum results while also understanding accumulation rates.


We are working with heavy lift drone manufacturers to produce a system for the collection of marine debris from beaches. Custom-sized Flexible Industrial Bulk Containers will have an integrated retrieval apparatus that will allow bags of marine debris to be collected from shore without human aid, providing a method for marine debris removal.


A mobile plastic ocean waste recycling system has been designed that will move through coastal communities, converting plastic waste into recycled plastic lumber.

EPA support through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is funding a two-year demonstration program.

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